1. I am thankful for rain. It refreshes and cleanses everything, from the earth to the air. I love the smell, and I love rainy days: they are so peaceful. 2. I am thankful for learning. I've always loved to learn; I think I have an inquisitive mind. I really enjoy finding out new things and increasing my knowledge, and I'm so grateful that God has given me a mind that craves learning.

3. I am thankful for my family. Anyone who knows me is keenly aware of how often I talk about my family. My mom is my best friend, I adore my daddy, and my brothers are the light of my life. They're all so hilarious and genuine and no-nonsense. Our family loves to laugh, and it's from them that I think I first learned joy. My parents have always modeled their faith to Luke, Cooper, and I, and they've taught us to love Christ. I could never have asked for any better family.

I realize that on Days One and Two I posted about my friends. I'm thankful for them all the time. Extra thankfulness.