Danke sehr to my dear friend KJ for nominating me for this challenge. I love thankfulness, and this has been a time in my life when I needed to take note of all the wonderfulness in my own life. It's brought a lot of light to my days. 1. I am thankful that I can even kind of speak German and French. I love these two languages, and I hope to become fluent in both someday! Sometimes I have to seriously think hard about what the English word is for whatever mot français oder Wort Deutsch I'm thinking of, and I find this absolutely thrilling. I tell people constantly, "Ich spräche nicht viel Deutch, aber ich spräche Deutch!" Ou, "Je parle un peu français." I'm thankful for the capacity given mir von Gott Sprachen verstehen (to me by God to understand languages).

2. I'm thankful for Quest bars -- my favorite protein bars of all time. I may have had three this morning.

3. I'm thankful for whatever is coming around the bend. It's so close I can feel it; I can taste it. I'm so ready to receive whatever beauty Christ has prepared for me at the dawn of the world. I'm so ready, Jesus. Please send it soon.

Lastly, I'm thankful for those of you who read this little blog. It's not much, but it seriously helps me more than you could ever imagine. My fight club told me that she thinks it helps me to be more vulnerable. I think she's exactly right. It helps me to be more open with people -- even if nobody reads it, I still proclaim what I'm thinking and feeling to the invisible. It means so much to me that people like this thing and find some meaning here. It makes you feel less alone.