Another school year has come and gone, friends. Technically, it was over last week, but now that all my grades have been entered (FINALLY), I can, at last, close the door on these nine long months. They don't feel long when you're in them. You look ahead and think, "Oh, my gosh, I will NEVER be at the end of this. I will NEVER get to [insert event here]." But before you know it, you are.

That's the thing, though. It doesn't feel everlasting, the way you expect. It feels so brief.

Looking back, my junior year of college has probably been the most volatile, emotionally speaking. My heart has shattered, and I've been taken in hand by beautiful, loving friends with my best interests at heart. They told me what I needed to hear at times that I didn't want to hear it. I've broken under self-inflicted pressure. I've read books that tore me up into a thousand tiny pieces as they showed me what I was really made of, only to put me back together again. I have cried. A lot. But more often than not, tears are not a bad thing. They just show me what my heart is feeling. I'm learning to listen to what my tears tell me.

But this year has also been the absolute best. The beauty always outweighs the ashes. Every. Single. Time.

This year, I cut my hair.

This year, I sang my first role (What up, La Zelatrice).

This year, I sang my first professional gig!

This year, I gained a church family -- a gospel-centered, missional family. #Redeemer

This year, I did life with the awesomest of fight club partners.

This year, I learned more French.

This year, I defended my faith in front of total strangers. On multiple occasions.

This year, I started coachings. And LOVED THEM.

This year, I was the president of a choir. I learned to lead.

This year, I sang a junior recital.

This year, I embraced my mezzo-ness. And it's freaking awesome.

This year, I learned that perfection isn't everything. It also isn't possible.

This year, I learned a little bit of what it means to be an image-bearer of Christ. It is to make art.

This year, I started running intervals (it's the best. You should try it).

This year, I read more books and drank a lot (A LOT) of tea.

This year, I made new friends.

This year, I became a better singer.

This year, I practiced a lot (But what else is new).

This year, I learned that I was already bold and brave, even though I didn't believe I was.

This year, I learned a little bit about the adventure that God has made me to live.

This year, I realized I was a morning person.

This year, I realized it's okay to fail. Fail and know that I am God.

This year, God's grace sustained me every day. And it is only because of His new-every-morning faithfulness that I am able to do anything at all.

All praise, all glory goes to the One Who made me and saved me from myself.

The Creator of the universe loves me and never lets me down. He has never not come through. But even if He chose not to, I would still worship Him. Because truth be told, He's better than all of this stuff combined.

All praise, all glory be to my King. Happy summer, y'all -- He made it, too.