Happy Sunday, y'all! This will be a fairly short post. I just wanted to update my lovely readers (that's you) on the Next Big Thing going on in my life. Last year, I applied for the Cornish-American Song Institute, a summer program in England, and I was accepted. I decided to go to AIMS instead, but this year, Dr. Sadlier, the gentleman who runs CASI, asked me to apply again. I did, and was accepted again, and I decided to attend! This is to say: I'm going to England in eleven days!

CASI is comprised of a week in Oxford and two weeks in Cornwall. When I get to Oxford I may just fall down on my face and cry: this is like a pilgrimage for me! It's where many great works of Lewis and Tolkien were conceived. It's where those great masters worked. I will be in heaven. The second two weeks of the program are in a coastal town in Cornwall. While there, I get to stay with a host family! Obviously, I'm incredibly excited about this entire experience.

Each year, CASI has a theme. This year, we are focusing on songs of World War I. The composers for both of my pieces are related to the war, but for some of the singers, the poet is what ties their song to the theme. I'm fascinated by both of the World Wars, and I'm eager to learn about the way our music ties into history. Music history was my favorite subject in my freshman and sophomore years in music school.

Speaking of years in school: I'm a senior now. Isn't that insane? I have one more year left at Tech, and it's going to be a crazy one. I have a lot of music to learn for my senior recital -- it's all gorgeous! I will be co-leading a GC at church next year, and I'm so excited! I am learning a dream role of mine for next year's spring opera: I get to sing Cherubino, my favorite pants role, in Le nozze di Figaro!! I am SO EXCITED. I screamed a lot when I found out. Of course, I will also be applying and auditioning for graduate school, which is a saga in and of itself. This will be a big year, but I'm delighted with all the beautiful things I get to do.

But for now, I'm trying to focus on CASI. It's going to be a beautiful time, and I'm excited to get started! I will be blogging the trip here, as I did with AIMS last year, so stay tuned for pictures of gorgeousness, lots of music nerdiness, and joy in general.