Last month, taking a cue from a favorite blog of mine, I wrote an entry called What I Learned In April. It really helps me to reflect on what I've discovered or re-realized in the past month. It's a way to reflect on the beauty of the life I've been given, and to see the hand of God moving in my world. So, here now is this month's installment: What I Learned In May. 1. Being outside makes me feel alive.

   My family owns a farm. The house I grew up in sits on 1.5 acres, and we have a massive backyard. So I think I've known this one for a while. But I didn't realize it until about two weeks ago. I came home for my brother's graduation, and I went on walks every night. It was so refreshing that I've begun to continue the tradition in Lubbock. Something about it makes me feel -- you guessed it -- adventurous. It livens my mind and helps me to get back to myself, in a way. Plus, it's a fantastic way to unwind and enjoy the beauty of God.



2. I love World War II movies.

This is another one I've known for a while. My daddy watches World War II In Color like it's his job, and the boys and I have grown up with war history, and more recently, war movies. But recently I saw Saving Private Ryan for the first time. OH MY GOSH. New favorite movie. Something about the heroism and realism and the grit of the camera shots really grabs me by the heart.

3. I got my dream role!

I was recently cast as Cherubino, the Count's pubescent page in Mozart's wildly famous opera Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro). This role is Mezzo 101, and one that I've dreamed about for a while. Needless to say, I'm thrilled. I love singing this music, and I am having a hard time being patient for rehearsals!

   4. I love wall art.

I'm in the process of refreshing my apartment, and I keep looking for frames to hang things in. This is because I keep buying wonderful things to hang on the wall. Exhibit A:


Life philosophy, on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Life is good.

5. I might be kind of introverted.

I had to take the Meyers-Briggs personality test, and my results said I was 11% introverted. I didn't believe it at first (kind of like how I was in denial about my mezzo-ness), but as I gave it some thought, I realized it wasn't wrong. My friend Katie said to me that introversion vs. extroversion depends on where we derive our energy. I am renewed through time with me and Jesus, or me and my best friends, or me and my family. I love people, but I really like to think deeply and ponder the state of my little heart. And I find quiet refreshing. I'm a fan of social gatherings, for sure, and I love to talk, but I still feel that that result was pretty close to the truth.

6. First things.

I've read a lot about how God is the First Thing, but we tend to put secondary things before Him. For me, those things are singing and fitness. They're beautiful things, but they are secondary. They are not ultimate. They are what God has given me to bear His image in the world. They are what He has given me to be adventurous with. But He's the Adventure.

What about y'all? Silly or serious: what did you learn this month? I'd love to hear about it!