This cannot be what it is: to grow up, grow old, pay bills, and die. This cannot be what it is.

We cannot be born to make money only. We cannot be made for the pursuit of prosperity, of comfort, of the almighty dollar.

We could not be born to just survive.

What could it be that we are made for?

Surely, truly, we all have work to do. We have to get up and go to work. But the endless sacrifice of soul and spirit to the gods of comfort and keeping your head above the water -- 

this cannot be what if is. We cannot be made to just survive.

What, then, are we made for?

There is a calling each of us have that we are made to do: created for, to which our hearts call. There is a unique seed planted in each individual heart. And we yearn for it, we cry for it. It calls to us, like the sea, like the stars, like the sky, like the hills. We will not rest -- we cannot rest until we do it. It is meant to be our day-to-day, our in and out, our sitting down and rising up, our walking along the road. It is meant to be our Everyday.

It is meant to be our work. Sometimes we romanticize it. We see it, and it is too good to be true. How is it that we make good things too good to be true? Why does it seem to our hearts that the thing we are made for will never come to pass? Why do we feel we will never reach it? We are made for it.

But we push it off and away, back and down. We make it harder than it needs to be.

And so we do not take it. We do not allow the seed to grow. Instead, we think it is necessary to micromanage little lives -- which have suddenly shrunk even further to contain only the drumbeat of must and should and survive

We believe that we will only keep our heads above the water if we tread water all our lives, ceaselessly striving and panting to obey the compulsive drumbeat of provision.

But your Heavenly Father knows that you need them.

What if Jesus said these words to remind us to pursue the calling? What if He reassured us that He would take care of us so we would do the things we are made to do?

After all: He made us to do then.

Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Do you think He told us that so we would trust Him to provide for us so that we would do what we were made to do? 

And what if that thing you were made for -- what if that's your Work?

Take my daddy. My daddy is a farmer. He loves the land and loves to work it. His Everyday Work is with other farmers. He was made for the land, and his Work -- with a capital W -- is in the land. The work is hard. It is not always fun. But his Work is in his calling.

What is your calling? What is the thing that speaks to your heart? Is it your Everyday Work?

Maybe it's supposed to be.

Maybe the Work you were made to do is the thing your heart reaches for. You were made that way for a reason, you know.

I don't think we're made for the drumbeat. The calling is not high-off and far-flown. It is not on the horizon. It is as near as the ground at your feet. It is as everyday as the cup of coffee in your hand, the keyboard beneath your fingertips, the newspaper on your table. It is real. It is tangible. You can reach out and grab it.

Maybe we are meant to. Maybe we are called to do this Work.

It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Fear not. He will provide.

Let us do the Work we were called to do. Let us take it up with joy and hope. It will be hard. It will cost something. But we will be doing the Thing we were created to do.

Whatever it is, let us do it.