Wednesday morning, CASI 2015 met on the edge of the quay in Falmouth to walk the short distance to Pendennis Castle. This local marvel was built by Henry VIII as a defense castle, and it was used as a defense of the Cornish coast for centuries. It was employed thusly even as late as the First and Second World Wars. We went there because 1) there was a World War I exhibit on, and 2) it's right there -- how could we not go see it? This is a picture post.






    In one of the rooms in the keep, there are seven cannon. This room was to be used as a gun room, so the cannon are arranged as they would have been then: ringed in a circle facing outward, each one out of a window that angles a different direction. This room features four dummies that are positioned as if they were firing the cannon. Audio and fake smoke accompanies them. My friend KaLee hates dummies and fake people: she hadn't even stepped inside the room when she saw them, whirled around, and said, "NOPE." But in the end, she conquered her fear! She went back into the room. We are so proud (The tone here is one of teasing, but maybe not everyone can hear that. So just to make sure).


Bonus photos: I and some friends ate our lunch at the quay. This was our view.