If you've been reading this blog for any length of time (or if you see me on anything resembling a regular basis), you know that the words of author/blogger Emily Freeman have had a huge impact on my life. I read her first book, Grace For the Good Girl, in April of this year, and it fundamentally altered my understanding of grace. Shortly thereafter I read her book A Million Little Ways, and it changed my life. This book, which I recommend to everyone I meet, is a beautiful articulation of what it means to live out your God-given gifting -- your art. Emily's words always breathe life into my soul, and God never fails to work in me through her. Her newest book, Simply Tuesday, is coming out in August. I was planning to ask for it for my birthday, but then I heard about the Launch Team that Emily is utilizing for this book release. Members of the launch team get to read the book early, so naturally, I applied. And while I was in Falmouth, I got the email saying that I was part of this team! I squealed.

And when I came home, this lovely thing was waiting for me!

   I started reading it this morning, and it's already rocking my world. I've decided to take it slow, one chapter a day, so the words can really sink into my soul. But it's beautiful, and I already know I'll be recommending it to any and all sentient beings. That is to say: buy this book.

As a member of the launch team, my job is to help get the word out about this book. So I'll be flooding social media and this blog with it. I'm going to blog my way through the book, as it were, without giving too much away. So stay tuned, and watch me learn how to look for Jesus in the small and the now.

Because that's where He is found.

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