Around the crazy Internet, there is a group of crazy bloggers who participate in a challenge called Write 31 Days. It's exactly what it sounds like: you publish a blog post every day in the entire month of October. You can write them in advance, but a blog post goes up every day for 31 days. This is both insane and awesome. On the one hand, I am ridiculously busy at basically all times. Opera coachings are beginning for Le nozze di Figaro this week (SO EXCITE), and that adds on to the ridiculousness that involves practice and choir and class and teaching voice lessons and work and church and GC and, you know, sleeping. On the other hand -- this sounds awesome. And what better way to stay sane and in touch with my heart than to write every day?

Usually, the Write 31 Days posts are linked by a theme. Given the theme of this blog, and my constant search to see the adventure God has given me, my 31 posts will be linked by the overarching heading 31 Days of Adventure. I've planned out all of the posts: my idea is for it to run the course of an adventure story, from the setting out to the return. What does that look like in my own everyday life? How does it show up for me? How can I see it in the life I live everyday? Because that's where we find adventure, y'all. It's the only place it can be found.

So tune in! 31 Days of Adventure kicks off here on October 1. It will be crazy and my writing may not be stellar. But it doesn't have to be good. It has to be honest. It has to be from where I'm from. It has to be adventurous.

It's insane, but adventure kind of is. Get psyched.