It's like waking up. Before, everything is drowsy, dim, asleep. When you feel it, though, it's like sunrise, and you are powerless to stop it. There comes a moment in most people's lives when they are thus shattered awake. Broken open. They see with new eyes the path that is theirs to walk. They realize what they've been made for. They see the calling that has been placed before them, and their lives will never be the same.

Some people call it a dream. And it is that. A lot of times it seems so far away and impossible that all you can call it is a dream. But calling is a little different. It's something that you feel in your bones. It's something that's written on your heart. It's like you were born into it, but went all this time without knowing why. But then something reveals it to you: a friend. A family member. A single, solitary moment in time, and then it's like being born all over again. Someone very wise once said that there are two most important days in a person's life: they day you were born, and the day you find out why.

This is a single moment that feels like destiny, but really, it's God and His plan. You have been made for this.


Calling is funny. It's both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. You whole body aches for it, craves it. But the path to it is fraught with peril and hard work. No one comes by the finished result automatically. It takes dedication and struggle and growth and getting to know the person you really are. You have to go through some days that seem incredibly dark, and you get to experience some others that are so beautiful you could cry. It takes inspiration. It takes blood, sweat, and tears. Sometimes the work is backbreaking; other times it's so light that you feel you could fly. You cannot pick and choose. You cannot neglect the ugly and only accept the beautiful. And to not choose to endure the difficulty would be a crime and a travesty, for you have been made for this.

And to deny yourself your calling would be a tragedy. This is woven into the fiber of your being. Calling almost gives you no choice. Or the choice is a terrible one: I must follow the calling or become less of who I am. We must follow our individual paths or we will be shells of human beings, never fully living what God in His infinite grace has given us to live.

Calling takes courage. I have had days where I got into the practice room and simply could not make my voice work. I have felt shame when I stumbled along the path God has given me to walk. I have felt comparison and jealousy and so much fear. But we must recognize that these are not from Christ. He does not operate in these ways. This is our enemy trying to deter us from all the beauty God has given us to live, from being the people He has created us to be.

May we not be discouraged. May we take courage, take heart, take up the calling God has given us with rejoicing and prayer. May we walk the path He has made for us, never wavering, ever looking up to His face for strength and comfort.

I cannot sing without my Lord. He has given me my voice, and He is the One Who shapes it. This is so hard to remember. May we remember that Christ is the source. Calling is beautiful, but it must lead us straight to Him, or what has it all been for?

So my friends, let us take courage. Let us do the thing that God has made us to do. May it lead us straight to Him. May we live out our days in wideawakeness because of Who He is and who we are in Him: the called, the purposeful, the redeemed, the free.