As I type, I'm listening to the soundtrack from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I've listened to it so much that I can practically see the movie playing out in front of me. Something about Harry Gregson-Williams' music for these films just does a number on my heart. It's utterly charming and wistful, but it also evokes something inside me: a feeling of grandeur and -- dare I say it -- destiny. There are a couple of tracks that state the refrain of royalty -- the kings and queens that the children have become -- and when I hear the horns play those motives, I am spellbound, because something inside me is poked awake. It's like I become a little more alive inside. This summer, when I rediscovered the music from those movies, I was awed by this sense of destiny and grandiosity. I was on a walk one day, listening to it, when I realized that I had fallen back in love with Gregson-Williams' music because it evoked an adventure bigger than I. I am passionate for adventure. I do not believe that God has made me to live a safe life. He has created my heart with a longing for beauty, peril, depth, truth, feeling, and richness. It's just that sometimes I forget. And the things that poke me back into remembrance are sacred to me. That's why I am so desperately in love with the sky, with the outdoors, with story: each of these things reminds me of adventure and that I am created to live it.

Here's the deal, though: sometimes big adventures look really small. Sometimes my world shrinks in around me, and I cannot escape that feeling. And I don't think that's my job: to change the feeling. But that doesn't change the fact that there is something bigger than me that I'm a part of. I don't always believe it, but it's always true: God has wired us for the adventure He's put in our hearts. He's written us a story, and we are living it out, even if it feels that we are not. Adventures never feel like adventures when you're in them. It's only after the fact, when you look back, that you recognize what it is that you have been a part of.

That's why I'm in love with the idea of adventure: because it reminds me of who I am and what I'm destined for, even in the midst of my smallness. When I can't seem to break out of my smallness, when I can't see the bigger picture because I'm just trying to get through class without falling asleep, when I can't get perspective because of all the little details -- that's why I need the sky, story, epics, the great outdoors, music that makes me weep, Tolkien. Because I am part of something bigger than myself -- and sometimes I just need help remembering it.

May we remember today that we are part of something grand and true. May we remember that we have been given a destiny and a calling. Even when we can't feel it at all, may we remember that adventurousness is hard-wired into us, and we get to live it out. Every. Single. Day.

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