During this Write 31 Days Challenge, I am spending 31 days exploring the ways we are created for adventure, and how we live out that adventure in our day-to-day lives. When I was brainstorming this series, I tried to create daily topics out of motifs that traditionally show up in the grand adventure epics we all know and love. One of the chief ones that came to mind is that consistent reoccurrence of the great love story. You know the one: the love that defies all obstacles -- in one of Tolkien's cases, even death itself. The strength of this love is simply unparalleled, and the lovers would do absolutely anything in order to be united with the beloved. One of the things I have promised myself for this blog is that I will not write about relationships. I like what Annie Downs says: she won't write about her singleness. I don't want to, either. But because this is about adventure, and I'm learning to be more vulnerable these days, I find that I am forced to write about that thing that I would rather not talk about. I'm going into this post kicking and screaming a little, but if I want to be seen and known, I've got to share a little bit more than I am willing.

The truth is that I want the kind of love that's in all the adventure epics. Not all the time. When I was in high school I had a lot of crushes. In college, very few. I rest content in my singleness, and my cup runs over with the abundant life I have been given, a life of song and music, books and words, friends and family who love me, and above all, a God Who has given me more grace and blessings than I have ever deserved from Him. I want for nothing. But that doesn't change the fact that sometimes I just want to be in love. Not because I need it or deserve it -- I just want it. Plain and simple.

Putting it out there doesn't do a whole lot for it or for me, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I'm not dying over here. I'm so happy with the life I've been given. Second, even when I do feel the longing for that deep heart-companionship -- because, for me, that's what it's all about -- I know what the answer is. The answer is Jesus -- isn't it always Jesus? Jesus, Who has done anything and everything to be united with me. Jesus, Who knows me intimately and provides me with perfect heart companionship -- the kind that even a soulmate could never give me. Jesus, Who gave up His glory so that I could be with Him. He is always my answer, the answer to all my heart longings.


Will I fall in love one day? I believe it with all my heart. Do I want it now? Sometimes. Is there a solution? Absolutely.

Because the love that Jesus offers us is greater than any other could ever be. It's mountain-climbing, star-breathing, death-defying love. It colors all our days, making sunrises brighter, skies bluer, and smells more intoxicating than we ever imagined that could be. It wraps us up in warmth and total acceptance -- for He sees us, meets us where we are, loves us anyway, and declares us fully desirable. With Him we know we are wanted forever and ever, amen. We know we will never be abandoned, and all of life is full of music because of this incredible, indelible love He offers us everyday.

And we have a chance to receive it. Every single solitary moment of our lives, we are given a chance to allow ourselves to be swept along in the greatest love story we have ever encountered. But I think part of what keeps us from that is the thought that this is not what we want. Oh, my friends -- it's everything we want. And so much more.

Many wiser than I have said it before, and I will repeat them: the gospel is the greatest love story to ever play out. We are caught up in its brilliance, the brisk, cold air on our faces that slaps us awake to the life we've always dreamed of having but never knew had been placed securely in our hands. We are caught up in the rapture now -- the rapture of being utterly and supremely loved.

The love story I crave is before me. I'm in it, even now, as I type this. Let's respond to it. Let's believe in it. Let's recognize that this is everything we've ever wanted -- and then take it. It is ours for the taking, after all.

May we succumb to a life of love and companionship, sweetness and beauty, with the One Who is our real soulmate -- for He is the One our souls were made for.

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