When I was planning what I wanted to write about during this series, I wrote down the title for each day in the "Notes" section of my planner. If the title wasn't enough to jog my memory, I wrote a little phrase that would help me to remember what the heck I was talking about. So, for today, I wrote "Day 19: Expectations". Then I drew a little arrow from that title and scribbled one sentence: "Expect God to show up." I feel a little bit like I'm repeating myself -- I wrote about this to a certain extent in the Day Seventeen post Remembrance. That essay was about the way the memory of God's faithfulness promises us that He will be faithful again. This is a continuation of that thought, the natural consequence of the promise that God will be faithful. That is: If God has never not come through for me, I can expect Him to come through again. Every. Single. Time.

It naturally follows. If God has always been faithful to me, then I have no reason to think that He won't be again. It's the same thing as building up trust with someone. To use a human example, I am sure my dad will give me wise counsel if I ask him, because he's always given me wise counsel. The only difference is that as human beings, it is entirely possible that my dad could slip up one time and give me counsel that is less-than-wise (though, knowing my dad, I seriously doubt it). What I don't remember a lot of the time is that it is impossible for God to not come through. It's not in His nature. If He failed, He would not be Himself.

I'm writing about this because I know that I don't always expect God to show up for me. Sometimes it feels arrogant to have that kind of an expectation. It feels demanding. But I think if we really understood the nature of God, we wouldn't feel that way. We forget sometimes that He's not human, and that He will never, ever fail us. We treat Him like He's another person like us, not to be depended upon.

But the consequence of this is that if we can't depend on God, we really can't depend on anyone. Who are we going to trust -- ourselves? We've seen how that turns out, time and time again.

I know that I'm not good at being faithful, even to myself. I drop the ball a lot. So do the people around me, even my best friends, even my mom. But there is One Who will never let us down, and here's the deal -- we know it. Why wouldn't we take advantage of that?

What would happen if we remembered that it's impossible for God to fail?

What would happen if we expected Him to show up for us?

What would happen if we stepped out in that kind of expectation?

By the way, that crazy expectation that feels arrogant sometimes? It's called faith.

I think if we remembered that God will always come through for us, and then we expected Him to do so -- I think if we lived like this was true (because it is), then we would be more adventurous than we had ever dreamed. I think we would move in courage and joy. That's what happens to you when you know you can't fail, because God will never fail you. Will I, Sara, fail, in and of myself? Probably before I finish typing this. Will God fail meNever.

Let's step out in that kind of expectation and faith. Let's move into the world knowing that God cannot and will not let us fall. He has never not come through for us -- let's live like that is true. Because it is.

May this kind of expectation make us more adventurous than we had ever hoped we could be. May it wake up something within us. May it free us to step into our world and our days as the person we most fully are -- because, quite frankly, we have nothing to lose.

May the expectation make us brave and joyous. May it teach us to trust Him more.