Yesterday I wrote about what you give up when you go on adventures. When we go adventuring, we are asked to leave something behind. That's the bargain. That's the deal. We are required to leave behind the comforts of home in order to have any kind of adventure at all. That's how it works. What we don't always realize, though, is that we get something else in the bargain.

Adventure makes us into different people. When you return from adventure, or when you are halfway down the Road, you are not the same person you were when you began. You have become someone new and different, and you hardly recognize yourself.

How does this happen? How are we so transformed by allowing ourselves to be adventurous?

During the autumn of my sophomore year in college, I went through a tough breakup, and it took me a while to fully recover from it. Not long ago, I told my mom that that season of my life had made me braver, more courageous. I'm not entirely sure what happened in the gap of time between the breakup and the realization that I was a different person. All I know is that in that time gap, I was forced to be uncomfortable. I was made to wrestle with my emotions and my identity. Sometimes it's the period of discomfort that makes us grow into new people.

And adventures are nothing if not uncomfortable.

What does adventure bring to us? What does it make us gain?

It makes us braver.

it makes us bolder.

It makes us uncomfortable.

It makes us kinder.

It makes us gentler.

It makes us wiser.

It makes us laugh harder.

It makes us okay with crying our guts out.

It helps us come to terms with our demons.

It points out all the beauty that God wove within our unique hearts when He made us.

It shows us the way we were made.

It makes us tell the truth.

It introduces us to the people we were created to be.

I think all this is worth the discomfort, don't you?