I wrote several posts during the Advent season in which I reflected on some aspects of the season that I’d never taken the time to ponder before. God woke me up to the quest nature of Christmas — the way Jesus came to us in the style of the grandest Adventure there ever was. It’s a thin beam of light in vast, velvet darkness. It’s all the hope we’ve ever had. It’s the greatest story of deliverance you ever heard.

It’s all that and so much more.

Over the course of writing in this way, I began to write in a way I’ve always enjoyed — a pithy style full of the themes I love. I feel like I write minimalist epics. I call it adventure-language.

I’ve started writing more in this style, and I’ve found that I write closer to my heart when I do so. I think I write closer to adventure. It reminds me of Tolkien, and we all know how I feel about that.

In the new year, I’m going to try writing more in that style. If it brings me nearer to expressing my heart for adventure. why wouldn’t I?

In the end, God has created us a certain way. Why wouldn’t we respond to it?

For me, that looks like singing because I love it and writing the way that speaks to my own heart. What speaks to yours?

In the new year, let’s do more of those things that speak to us. And in doing, let us become more fully ourselves.


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