You keep telling yourself.

God has created me bold and brave.

You know it to be true. Somewhere in your body.

But you aren't sure if it really applies to you, after all -- to you of all people.

Who are you to be brave?

Who are you to have courage?

And then one day you notice it.

There's a movement of your body, a tone in your voice.

The wind changes.

Maybe you're the only one who can tell.

And you hear the Spirit of God say it again: I made you brave.

God has not given us a spirit of fear...

You keep protesting. Keep shaking your head, pushing it away. You can't do it. You can't possibly be brave.

But then.

But God.

One day you make a motion.

You generate some momentum.

You act.

You look up and around at your surroundings, and you realize that everything is different.

Gradually and all at once. That's how things change.

You ask yourself, What did I just do?

You realize that a year ago or even a week ago, you couldn't have moved.

Who am I? you think.

Who you are, dear soul, is God's.

Who you are is brave.

Your name is courage and beloved.

Sometimes bravery is unconscious.

Sometimes you act before you know what you've done.

But then you realize: that was brave.

And then: I am brave.

God has made us bold and brave, sister and brother.

He has breathed courage into our sinew, grit into our guts.

We are well-equipped, though we know it not.

We have all the weapons that we need.

Let us go forth.