In this season, I am surrounded on all sides by work -- good work, yes, but work that leaves me weary. I have neglected much of my relationship with my Creator, and I can feel the lack in my life. I can feel my soul longing for Him -- and this is what I hear Him saying to me in response. Grace.


Come back.

Come back to Me, and in doing so, come back to yourself, because in Me you find who you were meant to be.

Who do you think created you?

Who do you think wired fairy dust along your tendons and courage in your gut and magic in your fingernails and trailing out along the fibers of your hair?

Who do you think made you adventurous?

You say you can't find yourself anymore. There are moments when you remember that I made you bold and brave, but those moments feel woefully few.

So come back.

I am all your world.

I am all the beauty of the world.

You are Mine, and I am yours.

It is in Me that you are most yourself. It is in Me that you find it's true: you are all you've ever dreamed of being -- and more.

In Me you are home. You are safe. You are my darling and beloved and the apple of My eye.

In Me you are brave. Adventurous. Courageous. A warrior.

In Me you are yourself, and all that I made you to be.

So come back.

I am always waiting for you to look up, to look around, to pay attention.

See Me in the sunrise, in the dew on your car window, in books, in music, in your interactions with other people, in your work. Look for Me in the ordinary -- you won't have to look far. I am at home and I am abroad. I am in the morning silence and the afternoon noise (or the other way round). I am in the reminders you give yourself of who you are and Who I Am.

I am all the beauty of the world -- of your world -- and for you, it was only ever Me.

So come back.

You are My darling, and I adore you.

Come and know Me the way your heart aches to know Me.

I am always ready for you to turn your head and look. Oh, how I am longing for one glimpse from your eyes -- those eyes that I made. How I long to see you smile at Me, laugh with Me, cry in My arms.

All it takes is a breath. A moment. A glance.

Come back.

Come here.

For you are Mine, and I am yours.