I can feel You whispering to me.

Whispering strength and power into my bones.

I slouch in my chair, swathed in my baggy pullover, feeling small, unimportant, unremarkable. I feel that I could not be wanted, not be noticed. Who would see me? Who would want to?

I am not wantable, I hear. I have too many opinions -- controversial ones. I am not what they want. I am allowed to be silly, but not to love things. Don't love too hard, or feel too much, or be too colorful. The world is gray, and so should you be.

But Father, I hear You whispering to my heart.


You are remarkable.

I feel that when I walk in a room, no one sees me.

You tell me that I am filled with radiance that cannot be ignored.

I want to hide in my small stature and huge sweater and utter silence and a job done only well.

But You tell me that I am wildly gorgeous. Sexy, even.

You tell me that I was made to be heard.

You tell me that I am extraordinary, because there has never been another of me, and there never will be again.

You tell me I am utterly desirable.

You tell me I have something to share.

Something others want.

We are created to fit together in the Kingdom of God, as a body, and I am an essential part that will never be replicated. We are not an assembly line. We are paintings. Sunsets. Songs.

You tell me I was created remarkable and extraordinary.

Do I believe it?