I like to think of calling in terms of Questing (capital Q, obviously). We have been given a specific Journey, a specific Thing to Do.

I think of Frodo Baggins: his journey was to take the Ring to Mordor, to destroy it, if he could. This was his One Specific Thing.

It was not his job to rescue Gondor, to defeat Isengard. It was his job to go to the Fire and throw the Ring into it, if he could, so that it would be unmade. It was his contribution to the overarching Story. He could not do it all. He could only do his small part, such as it was, say his lines, draw his arc across the bend of the mural.

That is all we have to do, too.

I think of singing as my own Quest to go on -- and, to a different  extent, writing. I think of these things that I have been given. They are my responsibility, but it is all I have to do.

We only have to be faithful in a few small things. My job is to be faithful to get up each day, warm up, sing my songs to the best of my ability. My job is to sit at a computer and move my fingers across keys and say what God has given me to say. To write my little posts until I have bled myself dry of what God has given me to say.

We can only ever do what we are given.

But what we are given -- we must do it all out.

We are called to do only a few small things, but we must do them with our lifeblood.

We must allow ourselves to bleed out.

We must leave it all out on the court.


Every time I go on stage, I want to leave my guts on the floor. Every time I write, I want there to be blood going to it.

Every time we enter into calling we are called to die a little bit.

Jesus said that whoever would come after Him must "deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me." This applies in more areas than we realize. It applies in calling, too, in the use of our vox voice.

We are called to very specific things, and we are called to do them as well as we can, as faithfully as we can, until we have nothing else to give.

And in this way we are questing still: we have set out on a journey. We may not come back.


Friends of mine, we are called. This is what God has made us for.

At the end of our lives, do we want to have anything left of the gifts God gave to us? In the parable He rewards the ones who use what He gives.

How can we do otherwise than to be willing to give everything we have? To pour ourselves out like a drink offering -- or, more correctly, to invite God to pour us out?

We are the incense. We set ourselves aflame. As we burn, may we be a sweet smell to the Lord.

Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear.

Today, let us be faithful in our small things. Let us do what we are given, and let us leave it all out on the court.

Amen and amen.