October has come and gone, and the thirty days prior to this are in the bag, and I've written so much that I'm not sure was relevant or helpful or even that made sense.

But I am glad I have written it all the same.


I don't know that writing this series has illuminated anything new for me or for my concepts of calling. Really, I've just written my journey. But it was so timely to write this series, especially as I am about to head off to graduate school.

Because, at long last, I am finally going. Praise the Name.

Writing these posts in October has shown me some of the hand of God on my Road. It's clarified some of what I actually think about these things. And it's shown me that it all  really is one big adventure, like I've always said. Like I'll keep saying.

To those of you who read along, thank you for coming with me. It's an honor to have you read my words.


I really know not what to say for this last post. I thought I might try to write my version of blank-verse poetry, but as I type I am so tired. Like. SO tired. I'm kind of tilted sideways in my chair, leaning on my left elbow, with my head tilted back to the right. My spine is probably some weirdly convoluted S-shape. S is for Sara and soprano and Shakespeare and, for that matter, spine.

I know not what to say except for hallelujah, I'm done with this series.

Following calling takes it out of you, friends. And writing is part of calling for me, and this has not been easy to write. We are never ever promised an easy road. So many days I haven't wanted to practice.

But while it take sit out of you, it also fills you up, and you are exhausted but overflowing with joy. And it is worth it.

Today, at the end of this series, I want to encourage you in faithfulness. I am incapable of continuing with perseverance and hope and faith in and of myself -- but Jesus works in me and sings through my high voice and speaks in my little words and helps me to be faithful to the work He has given me to do.

He will always do the same for you, too.

Today, lean back into Him (last night my voice teacher told me to lean back into my sound) and rest in Him and let Him move your hands.

He will help us to be faithful.

Friends, do not give up. You were made for this. Do not give up.

Always, ever, we begin again.

Fall down on your bed and be exhausted, dive in deep and submerge your whole body in it. Sometimes it will be like pulling teeth. Other times it will be like the overflow of Niagara Falls.

All you have to do is show up and not give up, and just take the next right step, even (especially) if it's small.

You are loved, and you have been made for this.

Always we begin again? Indeed, and we begin again today.

You are made for this.