It's that time of year again!


Every October, blogger Crystal Stine hosts Write 31 Days, which is exactly that: participating bloggers write a blog post each day for thirty-one days, one for each day in the month of October. I participated in this during the fall of my senior year of undergrad, two years ago. I thought about doing it again last year, but decided against it: I was knee-deep in my grad applications, and working, and doing a show, and I didn't want to add another thing to it.

But this year. This year I knew I needed to do it again.

Those posts from my 2015 series, 31 Days of Adventure -- those all still stick with me. They shaped me. It was a journey I was proud of.

And this year I was turning over topics in my mind, wondering what the heck I should write about, when it came to me. The thing that's been on my mind a lot recently, the thing that whenever I hear anyone talk about it, I light up, sit up, and pay attention.


I've been in a season recently that has felt like my own personal Dark Night of the Soul, full of the questioning of calling. I've gone away and around and back again, to and fro, circling around the thing that I always believed God put on my heart to do (namely, be a musician) before I finally embraced it again as tears of bitterness and love and joy flowed down my face.

I'm deep in what it means to struggle with calling, and then to hear it, and in the stages of learning what it means to be like Abraham and leave the comfort of home and go to the place God will show us.

And as I seek to live into calling, I thought: what better thing to write about?

Of course, as always with me, much of what I write about takes the form of adventure-language -- because calling is a part of adventure. It's all bound up with twine and stuffed into our adventure-packs. So we'll have a lot of that. But as I've been brainstorming potential posts, I've seen how it's not just the theme of the Adventure Story that runs up and down my lens of viewing the world: there is also music.

For me there is always-ever music. There's a song on the wind that I cannot ignore. It is ever singing in my heart, a siren call toward the golden horizon of adventure.

And so musical imagery flows right along next to the Tolkienian imagery, often inextricable from it.


This is the intro post. This is the announcement that This Is What I'm Doing In October.

I am excited. I am eager to see what it teaches me, and I hope it encourages some of you. Plus I have lots of ideas. I feel as though I've been knocked down recently, and that it's time to get up off the mat. So this is my act of defiance, of saying I will not be dominated or defeated and that I will live into my calling, dangit.

Also: writing is part of my calling in the world.

Kicking this thing off on October 1! I hope you'll join me for these thirty-one days. I am already encouraged by the brainstorming, and I am excited to see what God will do in me and in this series.

Let's be off, on this adventure within an adventure.