This is your life.

The life with the wake up and smell the roses but really it's coffee but really it's tea. The life with the rubbing of the bleary eyes and kind of hating yourself because why in the name of GOD are you up this early.

And then you remember your name.

Oh yeah.

This is your life -- the life with the humidity and the dry heat and the water in your running shoes. And the lotion that smells like chestnuts on your skin.

This is your life, with the body you sometimes wish was different. I was going to write the body you wish you didn't have, but that's not true -- you just want to change it. This is your life with the sweat and the way your ponytail falls when you go running and the way your cheeks turn bright red just because you're winded.

This is your life with the scuffed-up heels and the need to get new shoes but you're too lazy to go to the store.

With the five, six, maybe seven cups of tea before lunch. And lunch is seven hours after breakfast.

This is your life, with the cadenzas you love and the music you can't believe you get to sing because in every sense of the phrase, oh, my God, what a gift.

This is your life, which feels normal, but also feels like you're waiting and waiting and waiting and what are we waiting for again?

Could be...
Who knows...
There's something due any day,
I will know right away
Soon as it shows...

It's like you keep humming West Side Story to yourself and then you wonder: What am I waiting for?

Anticipation is in the air -- and then you wonder if all you're anticipating is the moment when you can leave work and go home and -- do what? Practice? I mean, I love practicing a lot --

But it feels like I'm waiting for something bigger.

Something greater.

And then you realize -- this is your life.

This is your life, which feels normal and is normal and this is your routine now.

This is your life: getting up early and running and the A/C that creaks weirdly and a job you love and wearing heels for hours and practice practice practice and sitting at a coffee shop and yoga and going to bed way later than you intended and realizing all the while that you are loved more than you could ever possibly know.

You didn't really know it would look like this. How could you?

Many are the plans in the heart of a man, or a college graduate, but the Lord determines his steps, and the whole time you're kind of staring up at Heaven wondering what the heck is going on, and could we do what I wanted, please.

But this is your life.

And it is better than you could have dreamed.

Look around.

This is your life, and the sun is on your face and the rain is in your hair and all the world smells like clean earth and the perfume you love and old books and you're singing your little heart out like your life depended on it because it does.

Welcome to the ordinary days.

They are the ones that heal us.

These are the people that will love you better than you imagined you could be loved.

This is the music you always knew you were meant to sing and -- look at you! -- you finally get to sing it!

Look around.

This is your life, and it is normal, and it is good.